On 10 January, 2008 the Final Conference of the project "Rail Baltica" took place

During the Conference the project results were presented, as well as implementation and continuation of the project was discussed.







10th January of 2008: RAIL BALTICA Final Conference will take place in Riga

Venue: "IslandeHotel"
             20, Kipsalas Street, Riga
             Telephone: (+371)7608000,
             Fax: (+371)7608001,
             E-mail: reception@islandehotel
09:00      Registration, coffee break
10:00      Opening of the project’s “Rail Baltica” Final Conference, moderator D. Bērtulis, the chairman of the Board, foundation “Riga Region Development Agency”, LV
      Welcoming speeches  
  • A. Židkovs, the Deputy State secretary of the Ministry of Transport, LV
  • Other speakers

10:15      The overview of implementation process of project “Rail Baltica”  

         The general information about project

·         D. Bērtulis, the chairman of board of foundation “Riga Region Development Agency”, LV

10:45      Presentation “Problems and short term measures to promote railway passenger trains along the Rail Baltica Corridor”

·         Dr. J. Murach, head of the division Transport Policy Unit and European Affairs, Senate Department for Urban Development Berlin, DE

11:20      “Evaluation of the Cowi Report” and “Definition of the most favourable RB route”

·         V. Vesperis, the Director of Long-terming Development Planning Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government, LV

11:40      Coffee break  
12:00      The summary of the studies Cross - border goods traffic - Results, potentials and problems in the Frankfurt (Oder)/ Slubice region",
                “Freight Villages in Brandenburg and Berlin - Traffic and logistical starting point of the railway connection to the Baltic States, potentials and
                requirements", Studies of the border - zone and cross - border infrastructure planning in the area of German - Polish border in the pshere
                 of the traffic corridor of Rail Baltica"
                 ·        E. Karwiese, The Head of Unit, Ministry of Transport and Spatial Planning Brandenburg, DE
12:45      The study “RB connection into Riga City”
                 ·        Representative of Foundation “Riga Region Development Agency”
13:10      Presentation of project “Rail Baltica” Final Report (draft version)
                 ·        A. Linde, Project Manager,of foundation “Riga Region Development Agency”, LV
13:30      Lunch
14:30      The Press Conference
15:00      Discussion of “The good practice acquired in the framework of “Rail Baltica”, the future of “Rail Baltica”, and suggestions for “Rail Baltica II”
                 ·        A. Linde, Project Manager,of foundation “Riga Region Development Agency”, LV
                 ·        Dr. J. Murach, Head of the division Transport Policy Unit and European Affairs, Senate Department for Urban Development Berlin, DE
16:00      The closing of the Final Conference
18.00      Dinner

Registration: Please find registration form here, fill it and send to the e-mail of fax +371 67226431 not later than the 4th January of 2008.

Hotel service: You can make reservation in the "IslandeHotel" ( using the number of block-resrvation # 25474. This number is available till 7th January of 2008. More information about hotel:
21st and 22nd May 2007: RAIL BALTICA Partners’ and Steering Group meeting will take place in Riga.

Venue: Riga City Hall
              1 Rātslaukums, Riga

More information:

Preliminary Agenda
Project partners’ meeting

Monday, 21 May 2007

Registration, arrival of project partners
11.30 Lunch
12.30 Project partners’ meeting
                          1. Welcome by Mr. Dans Bērtulis, Chairman of the Board, RRDA
                          2. Situation update – international tendencies concerning Rail Baltica
                          3. Proposal for studies in Rail Baltica Interreg project
                          4. Rail Baltica financial issues:
                                       - Partnership agreements and better use of RB Interreg budget
                                       - Possible budget changes
                                       - De-committement danger and n+2 rule
17.00 End of the meeting

18.30 Dinner

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

9.00   1. Presentations of the work packages 1, 2, 3, 4 
           2. Presentation and Evaluation of WP3 – case studies 
           3. Next steps
12.00 Approx. time when the meeting ends
12.00 Lunch

13.00 – 14.30 Steering Group meeting

Registration form: Please fill in the form and send it not later than the 11th of May 2007 to e-mails;  or fax +371 7800943


Workshop "Infrastructure and Regional Development in Border Regions" in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany
Main topics:

Introduction of the German-Polish development corridor Oder/Neiße:
German-Polish Development Area Odra / Neißa download (pdf file, 4,4 MB)
Map and list of members of Euroregion POMERANIA download (ppt file, 3,2 MB)

Goal and first interim results of the questionnaires for Project Work Packages 1 and 3:
First interim results of the questionnaires for INTERREG IIIB project Work Packages 1 download (pdf file, 670 KB)
First interim results of the questionnaires for INTERREG IIIB project Work Packages 3 download (pdf file, 1,16 MB)

Parallel working groups:
- Working group I: Cross boarder infrastructure planning
Bi-national co-operation Germany/Poland download (pdf file, 4,74 MB)

- Working group II: Questionnaires of WP 1 and 3

- Working group III: Cross boarder traffic – experience, coordination, problems:
Integrated Freight Service conception Berlin – Brandenburg download (pdf file, 434 KB)
Problems of German-Polish railway transport crossing the border download (pdf file, 234 KB)
Joint Transport Management Berlin/Brandenburg – Lubuskie (in German) download (pdf file, 5,04 MB)
Presentation of Panevžys County download (pdf file, 353 KB)

Summary of the working group I:
download (pdf file, 52,5 KB)
download (pdf file, 153 KB)


Materials of the project Kick-off meeting:

Management scheme 01.ppt

Management scheme-picture.JPG